Covenant Groups

Covenant Groups are 10-20 people who meet regularly to grow as friends and as followers of Jesus. They are an essential means of working out our vision of living in fellowship with God and his people.

Covenant Groups study topics of interest from a Biblical perspective, they mobilize to meet needs in the community, and they are a safe place for you to open up your real needs and questions with others.

The Fall Term runs September 17 – November 25. Find a group that interests you from the list below. You can contact the Group Leader through Realm under “Find a Group”. If you need help with Realm, contact the Covenant office staff.

Geisler Covenant Group

The Geisler Covenant Group is currently comprised of 13 members including men and women, married and singles. We are predominately in our 50s and 60s. Some of our members still work, and some are retired. We do service projects for the church and our community, have social events, and support each other as needs arise.

  • Leader: Lisa Geisler
  • Meeting:  Sundays at 9 AM
  • Location:  Covenant Youth Room
  • Fall Study Topic: Crazy Love by Francis Chan
Barr Covenant Group

The Barr Covenant Group is a new group that will meet Sunday night during the AWANA and Youth activities. If you would like to be a part of our group and have preschool children (younger than AWANA Cubbies), please let us know and we will arrange care for them.

  • Leader: James & Cindy Barr
  • Meeting: Sundays at 5-6:30 PM
  • Location: Covenant Room TBD
  • Fall Study Topic: TBD
Crow Covenant Group

The Crow Covenant Group is comprised of single and married men in their 20's and 30's. We meet twice a month for fellowship and a chapter by chapter study through a book of the Bible. We are very open and accepting of people with all levels of knowledge about the Bible. We are laid back and don't take ourselves too seriously. We create a place to ask questions and explore topics of interest that come up during our study. If you have always wanted a safe and fun environment to be yourself, ask questions, and explore the Bible in a deeper way, this group could be for you!

  • Leader: Jon Crow
  • Meeting: 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of each month, 7 PM
  • Location: Covenant Youth Room (outside entrance up the back stairwell)
  • Fall Study Topic: The book of Luke
Blackwood Covenant Group

The Blackwood Covenant Group is comprised of men and women, singles and couples in their 40-60s, but we are very open to members of all ages. We try to live life together by both helping each other and doing group activities such as mini golf, meals out, serving at church, Sunday Lunch in a parking lot (ask for the story…), Western MD train rides, Hampden Christmas lights, etc.. Prayer, Bible and Topical Studies, and Fellowship are an important part of our activities.

  • Leader: Dan & Kristi Blackwood
  • Meeting: Wednesdays, 7-8:30 PM
  • Location: host home
  • Fall Study Topic: The book of James with Francis Chan
Pace Setter Bible Study Group

The Pace Setters Bible Study Group is a traditional Bible study. Its primary participants are mature adults. The group meets monthly; three emails related to the current study topic are sent to participants. Regular participants in the Pace Setters agree 1) to study the passage or topic being studied, asking God to reveal His truth to them, especially with reference to themselves; 2) to share their insights about the passage or topic as they deem appropriate; and 3) to pray for and encourage others in the Pace Setters. Beverages and snacks are available during the session and some stay to talk and fellowship after the session ends. We freely discuss the Scripture, no question or issue is out of bounds -- we want to look at the Scripture honestly and candidly deal with the facts and perspectives related to it.

  • Leader: Dale Pace
  • Meeting: 3rd Wednesday of each month, 7 PM
  • Location: host home
  • Fall Study Topic:
    The two letters in the New Testament to Christians in Ephesus
Living Life Together Group

Living Life Together Group (LLT) is a dynamic group covering all age groups, married, unmarried, men, and women. We blend together well to seek God and how we can live daily for Christ. Our goals are to develop tools and techniques to model Christ in our lives as we walk in faith together. We use a variety of curriculum and a wide range of resources to study and grow together. We serve our community by providing a monthly meal for 50 people at Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center.

  • Leader: Michael Hitesman
  • Meeting: Thursdays at 7 PM
  • Location: host home
  • Fall Study Topic: The Cure: What if God isn't Who You Think He is and Neither Are You