Covenant Serving in Our Community

The Howard County Lacrosse program is one of the largest youth lacrosse programs in the country competing at the recreation and travel levels. The Howard County Lacrosse Festival is a celebration of the completion of their season.

The Mission team at Covenant chooses to recruit volunteers to staff this festival so that those volunteers who gave so much during the season can enjoy the festivities rather than running them. By serving, working alongside other county organizations we have the opportunity to honor the reputation of Christ and Glorify God is all we do. The goal is simply to reflect the heart and attitude of Christ with no motive other than to serve. May this and similar efforts soften the hearts of those in our community so that God can continue to restore lives to His purposes.

Volunteers are still needed in the following areas:
  • Set-up: 7:30 AM
  • Grills: 9-11:30, 11:30-2, 2-4:30
  • Food Service: 9-11:30, 11:30-2
  • Sno-cone Stand: 11:30-2, 2-4:30
  • Face Painting: 9-11:30, 11:30-2, 2-4:30
  • Children’s games: 11:30-2, 2-4:30
  • Clean up 4:30-5:30
  • Visit the ticket booth in the Lobby on Sunday, May 26 or Sunday, June 2 to sign up.