Restoring Life to God’s Purposes with Covenant Groups

Covenant Groups are a primary way in which The Church at Covenant Park can join God
in His ministry of Restoring Life to His Purposes.

Our Mission is to develop people who are being restored to God’s purposes themselves
and who are equipped to serve others. Consider the day that best fits your schedule.
Groups are NOT based on age, gender or marital status.
To contact a group leader or ask a question about Covenant Groups email Pastor Mike.

Jesus modeled group life during His earthly ministry as He discipled His group of twelve.  After He had equipped His disciples, He commissioned them to join Him in that very purpose in what is commonly called the Great Commission – Matthew 28:19-20 “As you are going, make disciples of all the nations.

Covenant’s programming and ministry organizations are designed to reflect the disciple-making priority of the Great Commission.

Our Vision is to restore life to God’s purposes.  Intentional disciple-making through Covenant Groups is essential if we would fulfill our vision.Covenant Groups are a primary place where we practice love and spiritual disciplines for becoming like Jesus.  We believe God can transform our world through small groups that will provide and grow:

  • SAFE PLACES for people to open up their real needs to the grace of God and do the dangerous work of self-discovery and spiritual transformation;
  • SAFE PROCESSES that are guided by trained servant-leadership to deal with the stubborn effects of Fall through the truth of the scriptures.
  • SECURE PEOPLE who delight in God’s incredibly wonderful and lavish accepting love.
  • SPIRITUAL CATALYSTS in our world that need God’s reconciling and restoring love.

As we join God in His ministry of Restoring Life to His Purposes, He brings His shalom, His all-encompassing peace, security and wellness, into our lives and then into the world as we love our neighbors.

If you have the desire to grow in your understanding of God and His purposes; if you want to grow to be more like Jesus; if you want training that is personally designed for you and if you will link up with like-minded and caring friends for such a journey, then a Covenant Group is for YOU.