Journey to Honduras

Derek Stivers
Honduras Team Leader – August 2017

August 10-17, 2017 Derek is recruiting team members for the upcoming Construction Trip.
You don’t need to have experience to travel to Honduras and serve on this team. You’ll stay on the Mt Horeb Campus and be hosted by Mike and Ginger Greene as you work alongside fellow Hondurans to build whatever the project plan is for that week. The work is hot and rewarding and you’ll be tired and sweaty with a full heart as you continue a bond of Christian friendship that has developed over the years that we’ve served in Honduras.

This could be YOUR opportunity to experience the JOY of service to others.
Many have come home to say they received more than they gave.

Trip cost is $1,200 with a deposit of $300 due on May 14.
email Derek to Signup and submit your deposit to Covenant no later than Sunday, May 14.

August 2016 Construction Team

Update from February 2016: Derek is in Honduras this week leading a moving team. Here’s his daily update.

Catch up on the daily updates and pictures from our August 2015 Medical team trip HERE.

UPDATED February 2015: Water flows at Mt. Horeb. THIS VIDEO shows the first well providing water to the ministry campus.


God has been working in countries around the globe long before we were born. It is neither wise nor theologically sound to think that we are bringing Jesus to people. We must reflect a heart of listening, respecting, serving, and learning so that we see Christ’s own response to the world and act in concert with Him.

In most countries, relationships and the trust of indigenous leadership can take years to develop. The navigation of local customs and laws is complex. Our approach to missional engagement is compassionate and well intentioned but it is possible that we may not be sensitive to local leadership. We want our missional engagement with the people of Honduras to be sustainable. Therefore, we work with, and under the leadership of local field missionaries Mike and Ginger Greene.

Covenant’s focus is on building relationships with those who are already serving there. While we may get great pictures for our personal memories, we desire to build sustainable and holistic long-term relationships that grow the Kingdom of God in the hearts of people more than we desire to complete short-term missions trips. Our Honduras ministry endeavors to focus on sharing the love of Christ more than meeting physical needs. The work we do to construct housing or provide medical care are the ways we choose to show the love of Christ and our desire to build relationships with the people of Honduras.

Rather than a position of authority, we hold a posture of true servants and seek to learn all we can from the people of Honduras. Our focus is on truly loving people and letting the Holy Spirit do the transformation. Going and serving is a good thing when we go and serve with the perspective of a long-term relational learner and with the commitment to build relationships with the local ministries. At Covenant, we are willing to follow, to listen, and to love without any strings and no expectation except to please the Lord Jesus.

September 22 – A note from Ginger Greene regarding our friend Lala:
Hey Maryland family, We went to visit Lala today not knowing what to expect. It has honestly been a while since we have been to her home. We took Maida with us to visit her and took her some shrimp and French fries and grape soda. We arrived to her front door and she was sitting there and she knew immediately who was there to see her “Greengon” had come back. She thanked God for our visit several times while we were there. She said she knew we would be back one day!!!!! I saw a small tear form in Precious’ eyes. We had a ball, laughing with her and talking about life. We took her a picture of our new grandson and tried to explain that was part of the reason we had not been out lately because of going to visit our family. She said she knew one day we would return. So I was watching her while trying to understand why God still has this little lady still here and what I need to learn from her. She probably weighs 40 pounds. She is smaller than you can imagine. To my sorrow she had not one morsel of food in her home. Praise God for her shrimp and fries today!!!! But she enjoyed her bbq sauce more than the food. We are going back next week to see her again and clean her house. She said her pastor comes to see her once a week and brings her food. And again I wonder what am I suppose to take away from this little lady? To persevere and never complain about anything put before me. She is literally existing off the air she is breathing. How blessed I am to have met such a lady. Love each of you and thank you for praying for this little angel. Please share this with your church family!!!!

God Bless, Ginger Greene

August 2014 we sent a construction team to Honduras sharing God’s love through service as they worked alongside Honduran workers laying the cornerstone and many more blocks to begin the base of the dormitory that will house future mission teams to this new ministry campus.

February 2014 our second medical team traveled to Honduras sharing God’s love through service in a medical clinic.

August 2013 we sent a construction team to build a home. They invested time and hard work and gained life-changing bonds of friendship and love.

December 2012 our medical team traveled to Honduras to serve medical needs and share the love of Jesus. In previous years your World Mission Offering gifts through Covenant have helped those in Honduras with basic daily needs as well as home, school & church repairs. Homes have been replaced as well as beds, roofs that don’t leak, electricity, money for food and daily necessities provided. Roof repairs for a school house in a village called Los Cabasa. With the repairs being completed before the rainy season begins,the children were so excited that they would not get wet from the rains while they were in school. These funds also funded repairs to the roof, of Pastor Carlos, which also has significant leaks.

Reflections on a mission trip. Read an entry from Victoria Nuguid’s blog December 2012 (used with her permission.)

Daily Report from the most recent trip.

If you are interested in future mission trips, contact Derek our Honduras Team Leader.