To Save a Life Movie

This movie deals openly and honestly with real life issues individuals are going through.
Lives are fast paced, wide open, high pressure, full of relationship questions and temptations.
Life is filled with intense feelings of acceptance, loneliness, rejection and even depression.

In this movie students from Pacific High School are trying to make sense of it all, school,
home, church, relationships and trying to figure out, what is their life going to be about?

We will offer three showings of this movie at The Church at Covenant Park.
Viewing will taking place in Room 209. Use the back stairs, located by the office, to enter.

Target audience is youth and adults. This is an excellent film you won’t want to miss.
Parents, if you’re concerned about content consider previewing the movie at one
of the earlier showings and bring your youth back to watch a later showing.

It’s free, no tickets are required.