Parking & Traffic Info

Throughout the year there are soccer tournaments hosted at Covenant Park. This impacts traffic within our shared parking lots. The tournament hosts provide parking attendants to direct traffic to designated areas.

We have parking decals available to put in your driver’s side windshield to help the parking attendant quickly direct you to our parking area. This helps speed the flow of traffic when it’s clearly visible. If you don’t have a decal, they are on the rack in the Front Lobby, please help yourself. An alternative is to print the PARKING PASS.

Tournaments and community events often impact traffic in and around Covenant Park.

Different triathlons are frequently based at Centennial Park branching out west and north of the park for the biking and running courses.

When these events take place, traffic is often stopped on Routes 108 and Centennial Lane creating major backups. We’ve found it is best to travel Route 29 to Route 40 West and then south on Centennial Lane to reach Covenant Park to avoid sitting in race traffic.