World Mission Offering 2012

To all our Covenant Family and Friends:

On December 16, we have the opportunity to make a life-changing commitment that can change the lives of our Covenant Family, people in Honduras and people in our local community who need compassion, service and help that God sends our way.

Our prayer is that God will shift our thinking to realize that Missions is more than something we do on special trips or episodic occasions.

Missions is a mindset and heart that we can exercise everyday.

As I taught last Sunday. . .

Missions is not about crossing the sea to help others; Missions is about seeing the Cross everyday as we help others.

    December 16 each of us has a chance to make a Kingdom difference for Covenant.

  • Giving . . . we can ALL do it NOW
  • Serving . . . we ENGAGE as needs arise
  • Going . . . we MOVE as God leads

December 16 is a great day for us to rejoice in God’s gift of Jesus as Savior of the world. During both gatherings we will receive two offerings:

*for Covenant’s ministry budget which we support with our tithes & offerings

*for the World Mission Offering – a sacrificial gift that allows us to say “Thank you Jesus for allowing us to join you in your Kingdom mission.”

By God’s grace (and God will have to work a great work for us to do these!) we can reach our 2 Goals: (1) 100% participation (2) $15,000 offering to help us provide for Mission Honduras and to lay the foundation for Covenant’s Relief Ministries.

If you’re not able to be with us on December 16 you can still participate by giving online.

God is good. . . all the time. . . and He is working!